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parents to change clothes

Neonatal sweat gland is secreted exuberant,
Baby wear online at the same time as the neonatal susceptibility to shower, the coat should not be selected chemical fiber and wool, but should choose cotton or silk.

In the style of choice, Wei Dingmin suggested that parents can choose bandage dress, not only convenient wearing, tie can also adjust the size, fat baby, baby are very good to wear thin.

Need to pay attention to in the purchase of bandage type clothes for newborns, the length of the tape to the right, and to securely sewn on the clothes. If the tape is very loose,Baby wear online is easy to appear around the baby's neck, fingers or toes, causing damage to the baby.

Neonatal activities is unconscious, limbs mostly bending. In order not to bind neonatal development, clothes can choose a little bigger, which is convenient for parents to change clothes for the baby, but also convenient baby activity.

Buy clothes for newborns, should pay attention to underwear sewing process, seam less, complex seam is not selected.

The delicate bones of newborns, in buy coat,tips-baby-clothes do not suit to wear pullovers, the best choice of cardigan, easy to wear off.

It is best not to choose a lace dress, because the baby may handle is inserted into the lace, so easy to hurt the baby's fingers.

Experts remind parents of newborn, all the clothes, all applications in boiling water wash before wearing, wearing again in the sun after sterilization.


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