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bazaar scene

" Hand painted bag sale, buy a packet of offer of love ", yesterday afternoon, the Nanjing youth Charity Development Promotion Association, should be days of academy and Nanjing Phoenix bookstore with the " hand in hand,plastic bag manufacturer green go with me" hand painted bag bazaar held in Phoenix city.

It is reported, this second activity that green Olympic refueling for the theme, in the dissemination of the concept of green at the same time,plastic bag manufacturer also for migrant children love. The reporter understands, the environmental protection bag sale income all the money will be donated to the children of migrant workers, as they offer more courses, let broad laborer children get better education.

Scene 180 bags,plastic bag manufacturer all the days of art department in 40 more students painted from, spent nearly half a month to get. While the one one ordinary cloth in students of elaborate design, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling. Transmission of green environmental protection, have a " nanjing2014 " Green Olympics logo, there are a lot of students create their own play in a variety of novel style design, cherry, Ultraman, and popular on both sides of the Changjiang River south of style, in the little green bag on the true to life likeness.

In the bazaar scene and more than 20 volunteers plastic bag manufacturer help kids "shout ", which is the smallest Naval Command College kindergarten children Li Weining, she was 3 years old and a half, the little guy selling up the bag is hard, " aunt, to buy a package, a package of 30 yuan. " When asked about selling bag money to do, she pursed mouth said, help difficult big brother and big sister.

Activities at the scene,plastic bag manufacturer many parents with children to participate in charity activities, parents expressed, such activities of extraordinary significance, in the call to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, use environmental protection bag but also for the children of migrant workers to give their love.


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