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given too much praise

For thousands of years, the people to the love given too much praise, all love depicts is so pure, so beautiful, and many people regard love as the vase, can only hold pleasing rich multicolored decorations, but can not tolerate any eyesore to litter. Once found a tarnished thing, they think the other betrayed love, then in a rage, smashed the vase, make love in an instant into a garbage
People all know that love is the eternal theme in literature, in fact, love is the eternal theme of human life. Everyone needs love, it is because love is a certain social basis and the common ideal of life based on the desire to develop intimate relationships between men and women, in their hearts go generated and eager to each other as a lifelong companion on his feelings.
People also think that the love is a very complex topic, to establish a love relationship relates to social status, family background, material foundation and other aspects of surface matching, more need to the highest state of love, like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai did to each other and to sacrifice their lives, that is the true love HKUE DSE.
Product sixty years of my life experience, I found that actually the love really is very simple, with an article three words can be defined to cover the love, the three word is "swill cylinder".
What is the true love between men and women two people? Not just the ideal setting for a couple in love whispers of love, is not full of flower vases, certainly not filled with wonderful cornucopia. Love is water tank, to do eat, wear, that is the real love.
With love for both men and women not only to love the various advantages of the body, but also to accept all kinds of thoughts in the mind of the other, accommodate each other all kinds of habits in life, but to tolerate each other with all sorts of trouble yourself to accept the body, even is a serious mistake. If you can't tolerate each other many not , then love will be greatly reduced, lane is bad to part company each going his own way, waved goodbye to love.  

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