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Office where the most dirty

Recently, the network has a " 6 place " the dirtiest post office, telephone, keyboard, mouse, desktop and drinking machine, is the number of bacteria ranked in the top five of office supplies, the number of bacteria on the computer keyboard and mouse even more than the toilet. " There are 8 or more hours a day time to work in an office building. Office chair, telephone, computer mouse and keyboard bacteria is worrying! " Net friend " My_th_. " so said in the micro-blog fly-mouse.html.

What the hell is it right? So on commuters, computer keyboard, mouse, the telephone is the highest frequency of use, supplies contact most times, whether these goods are bacteria " occupation" this " living laboratory " will continue to use ATP fluorescence method for total bacterial count fast detecting instrument, examine the microbes on the surface of common goods the office phone, keyboard, printer etc. These office space for you, ATP content the higher the index, the number of bacteria and viruses may be more.

The experimental tools

From a number of volunteers in the office, randomly selected computer keyboard, mouse, office telephone, office door handle, kettle handles, light switch, printer panel buttons, punch and other 8 kinds of office supplies, a ATP fluorescence method for rapid detection of the total number of bacteria and special cotton swab and tube. In addition, a volunteer to provide keyboard type mobile phone.

The experimental method

With special cotton swab in surface sampling experiment tool surface rotation with about 5 cm x 5 cm, inserted into the test tube into the ATP fluorescence detector, measurement readings, total observed products surface colony.

Experimental procedures

The keyboard type mobile phone

A nearly two years of the keyboard type mobile phone, Master Zhang is not often cleaning machine. After testing, the total number of colonies mobile phone keys into 665 pc-remotes.html.

Computer keyboard

Computer keyboard Liu, he was the only one to use, usually also often wipe the dust floating above the keyboard. Testing results showed that the total number of colonies, keyboard keys above 385.

Office telephone

The third test is Li desk office phone, belongs to many people, the use of very high frequency. Detection of the total number of colonies, the telephone transmitter and a receiver for the 496.

The mouse

Wang mouse usually hardly do any cleaning. The mouse surface sampling detection, screen ATP fluorescence detector display, mouse colony total surface of 383.

The handle of the door handle of the thermos

The use of special cotton stick switch on the door handle, the office light, there are key and punch handle, a thermos flask applicable printer panel were sampled, and sequentially detection. Test results show that the total number of colonies, door handle surface for 219, the total number of colonies lamp switch surface is 122, the total number of colonies kettle handle is 275, the total number of colonies printer panel button is 315, the total number of colonies punch press fingerprint for the 269 airmouse.html.

The experimental conclusion

From the experimental data, the office supplies, the telephone microphone and earpiece surface colony total topped the list, the total number of colonies in the personal use of the keyboard and mouse surface to be roughly the same, followed by the printer panel buttons, kettle handles, punch machine, the doorknob hand and light switches. But in contrast, the volunteer Zhang provide the total number of colonies keyboard type mobile phone the most surface.  

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