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What are the diverse kinds of cloud computing?

Web-based e-mail providers from Google and Yahoo, backup products and services from Carbonite or MozyHome, customer-resource administration apps like Salesforce.com, instant messaging and voice-over-IP solutions from AOL, Google, Skype, Vonage and others are all cloud-computing companies, hidden behind yet a different layer of abstraction to make them seem even simpler to end users who want the kind of electricity refined computing can give them, but don't want to know how it can be done.

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You will find a few simple sorts of cloud computing:

Infrastructure for a Company - delivers grids or clusters or virtualized servers, networks, storage and techniques application meant to augment or replace the capabilities of an entire knowledge center. The highest-profile example is Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud [EC2] and Simple Storage Services, but IBM and also other traditional IT vendors are offering companies, as is telecom-and-more company Verizon Business.

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Platform as being a Company - Provides virtualized servers on which customers can run existing apps or develop new types without having to worry about maintaining the working devices, server components, load balancing or computing ability. Highest-profile illustrations involve Microsoft's Azure and Salesforce's Force.com.

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Application like a Service - Probably the most widely known and widely used form of cloud computing, SaaS gives all the functions of the refined traditional application, but by means of a World wide web browser, not a locally-installed application. SaaS eliminates worries about app servers, storage, software progress and related, common concerns of IT. Highest-profile examples are Salesforce.com, Google's Gmail and Apps, instant messaging from AOL, Yahoo and Google, and VoIP from Vonage and Skype.

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